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We know that the darkness does not hide monsters, but the little ones do not know it. It is normal for many to feel a certain fear of going to sleep in a room that is completely dark.


La Luz Estrella Blanca Quitamiedos of ECBH baby is designed to help you in a quiet and peaceful transition to sleep:


  • It provides a very pleasant soft white light of the perfect intensity . Light enough for children to know where they are when they wake up from a nightmare, or have to go to the bathroom or fetch them in the middle of the night. But not with such intensity that it is a nuisance to sleep.
  • Its components are free of phthalates and other harmful substances, and when it works with an LED system , it does not heat up even if it works for hours. It is a 100% safe light .

The nights can get very long for a child afraid of the dark. Dispel his fear and help him have sweet dreams with the ECBH baby White Star Night Light .

White Star Night Light



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