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Urinalysis is a very common test, which can be used for the study, diagnosis and treatment of a multitude of diseases or medical conditions. However, sample collection can be cumbersome for the patient.


Avoid it with the ECBH Vacuum System for Urine Collection :


  • The 120 ml container allows easy urine collection.
  • The safety cap that closes the container has a cannula protected with a label.
  • The sample tube is vacuum sealed.


To collect the sample, just stick the rubber stopper of the tube into the cannula of the container. By piercing the rubber, the tube will aspirate up to 10 ml of the urine sample, in a 100% safe and hygienic way .


In this way, the necessary amount of urine is protected and well protected within the tube. There is no risk of spillage or contamination when handling and transporting it to the laboratory.

Vacuum System for Urine Collection



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