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The dry environment is a respiratory discomfort for everyone, and especially for the little ones . Throat irritation becomes common, respiratory infections can proliferate, and even your skin can be affected. And when they have one of their usual colds, a humidity between 40% and 60% helps them overcome it more comfortably.


The ECBH baby Ultrasonic Humidifier is designed to improve the environment of any room with maximum efficiency:


  • Produces a cold vapor by decomposing water using ultrasound .
  • Increase the humidity without increasing the temperature as traditional humidifiers do that heat the water. That makes it perfect for humidifying in summer too .
  • As it has no heat source, it is safe for children , without the risk of burns.
  • The water vapor generated by ultrasound is finer and easier to breathe than that from heat evaporation.


You will be able to regulate the volume of steam generated simply and precisely through the central regulator .

Get the ideal environment for the breathing of those you love the most.

Ultrasonic Humidifier



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