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It's a piece that makes the space; an architectural feature that defines the room's purpose. It's the Tenet desk system by Massimo Scolari, available in two maple finishes: dove-grey and slate-grey. The surface and drawers are covered in leather, creating a pleasant visual and tactile contrast for an original work space. The inspiration is conceptual and comes from the name Tenet; a palindrome, which reads the same backwards as forwards, like the design of the desk's heads, which can have two heads, one at each end, or one head and a chest of drawers at the other end. With the aim of providing a flexible, customisable piece of furniture, Massimo Scolari has designed a range of details and accessories: a chest of drawers, leather document wallets, a fold-down flap that provides an additional surface, a lectern, sockets and an induction charger for mobile phones.

ECBH Tenet Giorgetti



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