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The emergence of the first teeth is always annoying for babies, even painful. They do not understand what is happening to them, they only feel pain in the gums and need to press with them, bite.


The ECBH baby Cooling Teether is designed to provide immediate relief to the baby:


  • It has a ridged surface that provides the soothing sensations your gums need.
  • Immediately soothes and reduces inflammation of the gums through cold.
  • The material is soft and ideal to withstand bites even when the first teeth make their appearance.
  • In addition to decongesting the gums and relieving pain , this teether also promotes salivation , thus contributing to healthy development.


You just need to leave it in the fridge (not the freezer) until the new member of the family needs it. If your baby cries or complains without knowing why, and you notice that he chews everything he finds, better give him something that will do him good to chew and will calm him immediately.

Get the ECBH baby Cooling Teether and give your gums the relief they need.

Refrigerant Teething Ring



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