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Like a sheriff in the Far West: that's how safe your baby feels when he tucks the pacifier into his pacifier. It is well guarded, protected, but always close. And when necessary, a quick wave of the hand, and a clean pacifier in the mouth again!


The Protegetitinas ECBH baby , beige, will be your inseparable accessory:


  • It is completely safe , as it is made of non-toxic and very durable materials, in a design without edges that can nail or disturb your little carrier.
  • It is practical , since the clip attaches to the clothes safely, and allows the baby to have his pacifier at hand at all times, without losing it.
  • It is hygienic , because the pacifier will no longer go on the floor, or dragging the dust and dirt that it finds in its owner's explorations.


Learning its handling will be another achievement in the growth of the baby, who will feel safe and happy always having his favorite pacifier at hand in perfect condition.

Teatprotect Beige



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