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Often we must take medications by halves. Half a tablet a day, or half a tablet several times a day.


This can already be cumbersome at home, because the pills have rounded shapes for better swallowing, which means that when cut with a knife they shoot out, and that the cut is not precise. If, in addition, we must cut them while traveling, or at work, the hassle is even greater.


We have developed the ECBH Tablet Cutter to facilitate the daily life of all those who must take pills on a regular basis:


  • It has a compact and easy-to-use design , ideal for taking it on a trip or wherever it is needed with comfort .
  • The exterior has non-slip marks that facilitate opening.
  • The curved walls make it very easy to remove the tablets , as there are no corners where they are trapped and the finger will not fit.
  • It has a cutting area that stabilizes the tablet, and a sharp stainless steel blade that breaks the tablet when closing the lid.
  • The tablet halves cannot fall to the ground with this system, but remain in a large storage space , ready for when you need them.

Tablet Cutter



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