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ECBH Stress Tests


    • xr600 is a treadmill with advanced technical features can ensure safety and comfort for the patient. xr600 has a gradual compression platform capable of adapting to the step or the race of the patient, dramatically reducing the impact of the joints of the ankles, knees and back. xr600 is the ideal tool for use in combination with low stress test systems CARDIOLINE: quiet and reliable, has a wide area walkable. It is an extremely compact and lightweight unit.
    • The treadmill xr600 is available in three versions, characterized by different features of the console, and can be extended with
    • Hand side rails.


    • Manual
    • Cable RS232 to PC / ECG
    • Power Cable


    • 127-36510168, xr600 Manual (specify language)
    • 127-9lbxr450: treadmill handrails long to xr600

    Cubestresslite HD+ for stress test. Cubestresslite is the complete solution for the management of the ECG stress test.

    Cubestresslite includes in one applicaton all the typical procedures of the stress test: the management of the patient’s preparation, the visualisation in real time of the 12 derivations to video, the printing of the trace –also in real time–, the automatic management of the ergometer, the automatic filing and printing of the final document, as well as its export in electronic format.

    Provided with a user interface widely configurable and with many operationing options, cubestresslite is the tool targeted for cardiologists and the professionals of the sports medicine.

    Cubestresslite can work as a station of individual work or share the data base with other cube networked workstations.


    Cubestresslite makes the most of the graphic potential of Windows by guiding the less experts users towards the correct execution of all the phases o the ECG stress test. With the use of the menu, the specific keys and the guided procedures, working with cubestresslite is highly practical and fast.

    Cubestresslite is formed by several windows through which it is possible to contemporaneously control all the operations of the programme: from the easy visualisation of the trace in real time in several formats, to the management of the printer and the control of the peripherals, such as ergometers and pressure gauges.

    Cubestresslite manages both the execution of the stress test in real time and the post-analysis phase, and organises the video in windows aimed at focusing the attention of the operator towards the characteristic aspects of the test:

    • the ECG window realtime shows the ECG signal and the corresponding medium complexes in real time; for each medium complex the amplitude values of the point J+80msec or J+60msec and the gradient of the ST trace are calculated and shown in a video. It is possible visualising the twelve derivations by changing the amplitude and the speed, or by selecting only some derivations, from a minimum of one derivation to a maximum of twelve. 
    • the evolution windowrealtime presents several graphics relative to the evolution during the test of some relevant parametres such as, for example, the heart rate, the blood pressure, the load applied to the ergometre and the double product. The evolution (trend) of the ST analysis is shown for the twelve derivations by using an innovative and unique visualisation of cubestresslite. It combines the amplitudes and gradients of the individual derivations with a specific colour code, which produces a global, immediate and efficient view of the evolution of the ST segment channel to channel. The ECG trace in real time is always present to guarantee a safe follow-up of the patient; 

    All the windows have direct access to the printing functions in automatic format (pages of 10 seconds).

    The heart rate, the percentage on the theoretical maximum frequency,  the pressure values, the METs, the step and phase times such as the active protocol data are always displayed at the forefront to be available for the operator.

    Analysis beat to beat

    The efficiency of the benefits of the analysis algorhytms together with the computing power of the last generation computers guarantee the accuracy of the analysis and allow for its execution beat by beat in real time.

    Cubestresslite automatically carries out and upgrades in real time the following calculations and analysis:

    • Calculation of the heart rate;
    • Calculation of the percentage on the theoretical maximum heart rate;
    • Calculation of the METs;
    • Calculation of the double product;
    • Calculation of the J, J+60 e J+80 amplitudes for the twelve derivations;

    All the parametres of the analysis, of the printing and visualisation can be customised and save as system configurations.

    Ergometres management

    cubestresslite automatically manages a wide number of cyclo-ergometres and medical tapes, thus it controls the load values depending on the established stress protocol and also allows for manual variations during the test.

    Management of the stress protocols

    cubestresslite includes an application for the creation of customised stress protocols. Through guided protocols, the operator can create protocols for cyclo-ergometres, treadmills or generics, which after that are automatically available in cubestresslite.

    Already in the moment of the installation there ara available in the products the most common stress protocols for cyclo-ergometres and treadmills.

    HD+ acquisition device

    The HD+ acquisition device is included in this pack. It is wireless and with 12 derivations, based on the bluetooth technology for a connection between the patient and the workstation CARDIOLINE®. Thanks to the bluetooth connection it is easy to use and offers a completely automatic functioning.


    • ST segment analysis: Simultaneous and independent analysis of the ST segment on the 12 derivations; maximum lower ST unevenness, maximum upper ST unevenness, ST tendency.
    • Alarms: separation of the electrode, acquisition device communication, ergometre communication.
    • Printing management: printing programmed every minute, 3 minutes, each change of step, each change of phase or on demand.
    • Printing formats: 12 channels+AVG, 6+6+AVG, 12 channels, 6+6
    • Ergometres management: Completely automatic. Wide list of compatible cyclo-ergometres and treadmills.
    • Management of stress protocols: Wide list of stress protocols already uploaded in the programme. Possibility of defining and memorising customised protocols for cyclo-ergometres, treadmills or generic.
    • Printing document: Completely customisable.
    • Trace file: Automatic file in the data base, optional DVD storage in the SW package.
    • Network connection: Possibility of network connection and of sharing the data base with other cube stations.


    • Operational manual
    • Unit of HD+ acquisition
    • CD-Rom with Cube
    • USB-Bluetooth key
    • Cable for patient IEC 10 hoses, with clip terminals
    • Bag for HD+
    • Bag for disposable electrodes
    • Alkaline batteries 1.5 V AA
    • ECG ruler


    Description Reference code
    Cubestress operational manual 127-36510142
    4 peripheral electrodes Ag/AgCl “Plier” 127-160006
    4 peripheral electrodes Paediatric. Ag/AgCl “Plier” 127-160007
    Cable for the patient wth 10 hoses with banana connectors 127-131009
    Bag for HD+ 127-150012
    USB-Bluetooth key 127-191001
    Cube Suite operational manual 127-36510140
    HD+ operational manual 127-36510159
    250-ml gel bottle (25 units) 127-022001
    Ruler to count the frequency 127-170003
    Set of 10 banana clip adapters 127-161001
    Disposable stress electrodes (250 units) 127-160031


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