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Both the WHO and UNICEF or the Spanish Association of Pediatrics recommend incorporating complementary foods from 6 months. In some cases, the pediatrician even recommends it earlier. It's time to brand new spoons!


But it is not convenient to use the ordinary metal spoons that we have at home. The dessert ones are too big for your little mouth, and the coffee ones too small. And its hard, metallic edges can damage a baby's gums, or their first little teeth.


That is why the ECBH baby Soft Spoons are the perfect accessory for the first porridge, compotes and baby food:


  • They are made of safe materials , without phthalates that can cause an allergic reaction.
  • They have an ergonomic grip handle , because sometimes even the "little planes" don't work, and you have to be able to hold them well to get to feed the baby.
  • Its design with a soft and soft cup with thick edges, allows the baby to bite and squeeze without damaging its delicate gums.


Let's be honest: it is impossible to feed a baby without some of the food ending up flying through the air, the trays and the T-shirts. They like nothing better than putting together a good one! 

What we can do in ECBH baby is make the adventure easier (and safer ) with the Soft Spoons .

Soft Spoons



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