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The pacifier is always an inseparable companion for the baby. In it he finds his security, his tranquility, the exit to his sucking reflex. That is why it is better to have it close and ready for when you need it!


The ECBH baby Silicone Pacifier and Safety Chain Set is the perfect solution:


  • The symmetrical design of the pacifiers for children under 12 months is a guarantee of safety , and the anatomical design of the pacifier for those over 12 months is designed for natural suction , with good air circulation , and in which no saliva accumulates that may cause irritation.
  • Made with silicone.
  • The safety chain has a firm hold with an anti-opening clasp that will prevent the baby from pulling it off. And with the strength of its materials and the short length of the chain, it is totally safe for the infant.


As children's mouths change, ECBH baby offers you 3 options : for babies from 0 to 6 months, from 6 to 12 months, and for babies over 1 year old. In addition, you can choose between pink and blue , or between the neutral freshness of mint green 

Find your Safety Chain and Silicone Pacifier set in your nearest pharmacy, and that the baby always has his pacifier at hand.

Safety Chain and Silicone Pacifier



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