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!! Congratulations!! A new member of the family is about to arrive, or has just arrived. And what is one of the first things you will need? Your pacifier! 

The baby arrives in this world with some basic reflexes to face his first stage of growth, and one of those reflexes is sucking . It is what gives them food, and for that reason it is what calms them down and gives them security when something hurts or they feel stressed or upset.

But not all pacifiers are equally suitable, and not all babies accept them equally well. That is why we suggest you get it right the first time with the complete pack for the newborn: the Anatomic Silicone Pacifier with Safety Chain and Pacifier Holder from ECBH baby :


  • The anatomical design of the pacifier is designed to provide a natural and pleasant suction for babies from 0 to 6 months .
  • The pacifier disc has open spaces to promote air circulation and prevent saliva from accumulating , which can cause irritation.
  • The silicone in the teat is safe and hypoallergenic .

The pack includes the pacifier holder , so you can take it everywhere without risk of losing it or getting dirty, and also a safety chain . You can fix it to the baby's clothes with its anti-opening pull -proof clasp , and always leave your most faithful companion at hand without it falling to the ground.  The chain materials are 100% safe , edgeless, and resistant to pulls and pressures. Also, the chain is short to avoid dangerous tangles.  The first six months of a baby's life are a wonderful time of growth and first sensory discoveries. Give him the pack that will accompany him faithfully to calm him and provide him with well-being when he needs it most.

Safety Chain, Anatomical Silicone Pacifier and Pacifier Holder



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