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Eliminate excess oil on your skin in the most careful, practical and healthy way.


Skins with a more oily tendency produce extra cutaneous sebum that clogs the pores and does not let it breathe, which leads to the appearance of blackheads or acne. Avoid it in the most effective way with ECBH Purifying Cleansing Gel :

  • Deep cleansing of makeup residues and impurities from the skin, without damaging or drying it .
  • With antibacterial properties thanks to the lactic acid base.
  • Extraordinary softness due to the effect of sarkosyl.

To apply it, spread the gel on your wet face with a gentle massage, and pay attention to those areas of the face where more oil is normally produced, that is, the T zone (from the forehead to the chin through the nose).


By rinsing with water, it will be like rediscovering your own skin. A skin that has been clean and fresh, that breathes free of impurities. Then combine it with the ECBH Hydroregulating Cream , and you will have put an end to the problem of excess sebum.


Look for the Purifying Cleansing Gel at your trusted pharmacy, and let your skin breathe again!

ECBH DERM Purifying cleansing gel