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Your baby will always want to have his pacifier close at hand. You never know when you are going to get scared by some strange noise, when an unfamiliar adult will stress you out, when your tummy will hurt, or when you will feel tired and need a nap in the car. The pacifier must always be close!


That is why the ECBH baby Star Chain for Pacifier is the most practical accessory for new members of the family:


  • It is made of durable materials without edges and non-toxic . There is no risk that the chain will break and the baby may swallow a fragment, cut himself or suffer an allergic reaction.
  • Designed with a short chain , which does not pose a risk of suffocation for the baby.
  • The hold is firm , as the chain is closed with an anti-opening clasp .


Put his star at the right height, and your baby will always have his pacifier close at hand, clean and safe, well off the ground.


In our network of pharmacies you will find our Star Chain for Pacifier in pink and blue colors, and also in a beautiful stone tone.

Pacifier Star Chain



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