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When you have a baby, you never leave the house without a pacifier. But transporting it in the infant bag, or your own bag, is always a problem: it gets full of dust and dirt, and you have to wash it before giving it to her when she needs it.


Why the portachupetes ECBH baby is the most practical solution to bring the pacifier walk to the park or grandparents house:


  • It has a practical closure system that is very easy for parents to open, but prevents the pacifier holder from opening accidentally and dropping the pacifier.
  • You can carry it in your bag, but it incorporates a handle that allows you to hang it from the stroller , the strap of the bag, or any other place that is more comfortable for you .
  • You can choose it to match the pacifier with its blue, pink and stone colors.

No more dusty pacifiers, putting it under the tap twenty times a day, or having to suck on it before putting it in the baby's mouth.


Get portachupetes ECBH baby your trusted pharmacy and carries everywhere a clean and protected pacifier.

Pacifier holder



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