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Partner Companies:


  • 2T is a multinational oil and gas trading company present in Kuwait, works with our Globally located affiliated suppliers and Retainers.


  • KEG The maintenance procedures performed on an oil and gas well after the well has been completed and production from the reservoir has begun. Well service activities are generally conducted to maintain or enhance the well productivity, and coiled tubing applications are performed to assess for service activities.


  • ARGT’s business ranges from civil to mechanical and E&I works, they are considered our most important partner and our name is approved in their relevant category of approved contractors.

Oil & Gas Services

  • Visit: for the main page of Oil & Gas Services.

    • ECBH is company focused on providing engineering solutions which client’s a dynamic meet needs in the mechanical, infrastructure, environmental engineering, and energy sectors. We have been delivering innovative solutions across Oil & Gas Services, Civil/Structural Engineering and Water & Environment services.


    • ECBH undertakes medium and large scale mechanical construction and maintenance projects in various categories and has a proven record of executing the project as per contract requirement within the project timeline. Throughout the path, we have achieved several considerable construction and remodeling projects. 


    • ECBH is a formidable team of Achievers with an overriding loyalty to their professions and total dedication to the goals and work philosophy and ethical culture of the company. Key human assets have no less than 25 years’ experience in the practicalities, realities and complexities of oil and its business in the Gulf with the added depth of proven academic excellence to their credit.


    • ECBH has a nucleus of highly skilled and qualified and efficient senior management, a well chosen wealth of Consultants, and a capable dynamic middle management, with proficient skills and a scarce back-up staff with diversified training in the relevant areas. This small – but highly effective – core of “Achievers” ensures competitiveness, while their recognized status in the relevant industries gives access to an infinite pool of remarkable diversified resources. This added advantage provides dynamism and flexibility with minimum overheads.


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