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A new member of the family arrives, joy and excitement come to the surface. And unfortunately, there are also colds and snot that are so difficult to remove from their tiny little noses.


The ECBH baby Nasal Aspirator with Filter has been designed as an alternative to the anatomical aspirator, to facilitate the removal of mucus for those who find it difficult or cumbersome to handle the rubber bulb:


  • It is made with 100% safe and resistant materials according to European safety regulations.
  • The anatomical tip is made of a soft material, to avoid damaging the baby's nose when inserting it into the holes.
  • The suction nozzle is designed to avoid accidental swallowing.


The process is as simple as inserting the anatomical tip into one hole in the baby's nose, covering the other, and sucking through the suction nozzle slowly, gently and regularly. The removable filter is responsible for retaining mucus.


Cleaning is easy, the removable filter can be washed and repositioned without the use of disposable filters . And your baby can finally breathe easier in the most efficient way.


Buy the ECBH baby Nasal Aspirator with Filter , and make those first childhood colds more bearable.

Nasal Aspirator with Filter



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