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Mobile Laboratories

  • ECBH applying the same ethical principles, procedures and quality standards in our mobile laboratories that we do in our own on-site and commercial laboratory facilities. Our mobile laboratories allow you to access trusted, third-party laboratory services in locations that might not otherwise support full laboratory facilities.

    Allowing ECBH to locate, equip, staff and operate a mobile laboratory on your project site, no matter how remote, will ensure that you benefit from our full scope of capabilities. ECBH mobile laboratories provide fast turnaround and the complete, accurate, geochemical or assay data that you need to effectively run and optimize your operations.

    By choosing ECBH’s mobile laboratory services, you will:

    • Benefit from fast turnaround and accurate, reliable geochemical and assay data
    • Avoid project delays due to construction of a more permanent testing facility
    • Reduce shipping delays
    • Focus on the core aspects of your operation
    • Allocate your financial and staff resources more effectively to free up capital, staffing or shipping
    • Gain flexibility - our mobile laboratory service allows you to choose the testing program that best suits your needs
    • Take advantage of our expertise and experience in real time, at the remotest location




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