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  • Monitoring Volatile Air Toxins Through Canister Measurement Services.

    One of the most reliable methods of testing for volatile organic compounds (VOC) in air is through the use of canisters.

    ECBH will accurately assess your air quality through canister measurement services. For the confidence of knowing that your air passes the test, call our accredited team today.

    Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted into from a number of sources – outdoor air, industrial processes, products and appliances, building materials and equipment. Many emissions are toxic and can build up in poorly ventilated areas, contributing to what is commonly called ‘sick building syndrome’. Long-term exposure can have adverse effects on the health of your workforce, affecting your daily productivity and your annual profits. Some VOCs, such as chlorofluorocarbons, are banned or highly regulated for the quantities that employees can be exposed to in the workplace. To be confident you are meeting regulatory requirements and providing a safe workplace, trust us to manage an air monitoring program for you.

    The best way to monitor VOCs is to collect air samples over a period of time using evacuated canisters. Canisters are easily transported, allowing for on-site sampling with laboratory analysis. They can be used to analyze multiple sites using exactly the same system, making it cost-effective for multi-site operations that require consistent solutions. Unlike other tests, this method reduces the impact of water vapor and this improves the accuracy of the results.

    Our reporting documentation can be used to support regulatory checks and audits. As the world’s leading inspection company, our accredited testing teams will take care of your environmental management plan for you, allowing you to carry on with your core business.

    Our range of innovative, bespoke solutions could include better building design, improved ventilation and air conditioning indoors and emissions regulation in the outside work space. We will also support you with a sustainable maintenance plan to ensure a clean workplace for the future.

    Contact us for a meeting today to take control of your workplace air quality.