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Taking insulin is an art that people with diabetes quickly master. But undoubtedly, it is much easier to master when you have a good syringe that makes the procedure easier.


The ECBH Insulin Syringe has a design designed for maximum precision in the administration of insulin:


  • Polypropylene is made of non - toxic and free of latex , and sterilized for safe use.
  • It has a fine cylinder of 1 ml capacity, without dead space, whose marking allows total precision in the dosage of the units necessary for the patient.
  • The needle is integrated into the cylinder by means of the heat sealing of the cap, and lubricated with silicone oil for a more comfortable and practically imperceptible entry.


It is a single-use product, to be used exclusively with U-100 insulin, and must be disposed of according to regulations.

Insulin Syringe



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