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Oilier skin also needs hydration 


In fact, excess skin sebum can be even more problematic than dry skin: blemishes blackheads and annoying acne appear . And an ordinary cream, too dense or with the wrong formulation, is more counterproductive than positive for the skin.


For this reason, skins with a greasy tendency appreciate the caress of ECBH Hydroregulating and Mattifying Cream :

  • Provides deep and quality hydration through hyaluronic acid, which regenerates lost collagen and restores elasticity .
  • Regulates excess sebum thanks to white lily extract.
  • The active zinc-PCA also helps to curb excess sebum, providing a matte effect so that the skin does not reflect those shine that bother you so much.

Use it after cleansing your face with our purifying cleansing gel, and enjoy the results that other creams did not give you.


We have formulated it with a very light texture that allows very fast absorption without clogging the pores. The result is hydrated, full, healthy skin , with controlled sebum secretion 


Get the ECBH Hydroregulating and Mattifying Cream  and show off your skin without fear of shine and imperfections.

ECBH DERM Hydroregulating and Mattifying



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