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Making bath time a fun pleasure for your baby depends on two major factors: water at the perfect temperature, and a sponge soft enough for her skin.


The ECBH baby Hydrophilic Sponge is that sponge:


  • Its touch is extraordinarily soft and soft , without the harshness of ordinary adult sponges. Therefore it does not cause skin irritations .
  • Its hydrophilic structure achieves maximum water absorption and retention , optimizing the pleasure and cleaning achieved in each pass.
  • It is designed for a long duration that allows its use throughout the baby's early childhood.


Bathing becomes the best time of day with the gentle strokes of this sponge, which easily expels the soap when gently pressed against the baby's skin. And, when finished, just rinse it two or three times so that it is free of soapy residue. 


Buy the ECBH baby Hydrophilic Sponge at your trusted pharmacy, and enjoy a pleasant bath time for all.

Hydrophilic Sponge



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