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Collection of consoles, in which visual lightness is the strength point. The thin and almost airy frame is in metal, the shelves are available in a wide selection of finishes which range from wood to lacquers, from glass to marbles.
A charming geometric graphic, essential and contemporary, defines the look of these stools with metal base available in different heights. The slightly 'industrial' look of the elements is mitigated by the softness of the seating.
A wide collection of passe-partout, extremely versatile low tables, available in different sizes. The shape shows an extreme graphic lightness, the metal frame is proposed in different finishes to match with the top - either sharing the same look or determinating a stark contrast between the two elements.
The same visual and structural lightness of the whole Hardy collection defines a series of storage units marked by pure essentiality. Metal bookcases and wall units are characterized by the various finishes available for the shelves: from lacquers to marbles, bronzed brass or platinum steel.

Hardy Due Meridiani



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