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From certain ages, or from certain medical conditions, many people are forced to take different daily medications at different times. One daily of this, three a week of the other, three a day of this other.


Organizing the taking of these medications can become increasingly complex and cumbersome, you do not remember if you took the one you played or not, and you cannot afford to skip takes, because it is about your health.


The ECBH Compact Weekly Pill Box is the perfect solution to make this problem disappear:


  • The pillbox contains 7 daily modules , one for each day of the week.
  • Each module has different colors to facilitate differentiation, and 2 compartments to separate the morning and afternoon / evening medications.
  • The modules are independently removable . You don't have to carry the whole pillbox: you put the day pillbox in your bag or pocket, and you can go to work or travel without worry.


With this pillbox, all you have to do on Sunday is distribute the shots of each day of the week in their corresponding compartments, and not worry until the following Sunday.


To make things even easier, the pack comes with a very easy-to-use tablet cutter . This way you can also correctly organize the half shots that your doctor has prescribed.


We know you are not happy having to take so many medications. But we are glad to know that with this weekly pillbox we can make it much easier for you.

ECBH Weekly Compact Pill Box



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