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ECBH Waste Ballers

  • Made of sturdy electro welded structures WHICH are suitable to meet the continuous stress to which they undergo.
    Great efficiency and performance, very low fuel consumption, in addition to a very sturdy structure, are the design features ECBH's baling presses.

    A comprehensive range of industrial presses, entirely designed and manufactured in our plants, for multiple applications:
    Waste compactors
    Presses for plastic
    Presses for paper
    Presses for containers for liquids
    Presses for PET bottles
    Presses for solid urban waste
    Presses for special materials
    Designed for a very intensive use , these presses are made with very high quality components which allow a drastic reduction of maintenance interventions. The use of special steels guarantees particularly long life cycles, with considerable savings on spare parts.

    All ECBH's presses  are the result of many years of experience and the result of design with the best technology.
    On the presses it is easy to maintain, but ECBH provides after-sales service and advice on all compacting systems sold.
    Built to a high hourly production, the presses are robust and resistant



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