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If you wear contact lenses it is essential to learn how to clean them correctly , or else your eye health could be affected.


The maintenance of contact lenses requires a unique solution that helps remove dirt , disinfect them and at the same time provide them with the necessary hydration to keep them in good condition.

This hygiene is essential to prevent eye infections or other problems that may affect your vision.


The Unique Solution for ECBH Contact Lenses is a safe and highly effective formulation for soft lenses due to its all-in-one function. Its daily use helps to:


  • Remove proteins and dirt.
  • Disinfect.
  • Clean and rinse.
  • Moisten.
  • Keep.


Fill the case with the solution and immerse the lenses, leaving them for at least 6 hours for optimal disinfection and cleaning, and rinse them with ECBH Unique Lens Solution before putting them on.


Even if you are not going to use your contact lenses, change the solution again, since its conservation is limited. And remember to always wash your hands well before putting on or taking off your contact lenses.

ECBH Unique Solution for Soft Contact Lenses