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ECBH Komprimeter Pneumatic Tourniquet for Hemostasis

  • Komprimeter Pneumatic Tourniquet for Hemostasis in Extremities

    The classic ECBH pneumatic tourniquet is a reliable device which is used during amputations to restrict blood circulation in the limbs. It has a robust and very accurate manometer to provide exact measurements and a particularly long service life.


    • Sturdy metal pump to produce pressure
    • The air in the cuff can escape by opening the purge valve
    • Chromed metal gauge aluminum ladder easily readable up to 700 mm Hg
    • Included arm cuff 57 x 9 cm and thigh cuff 96 x 13 cm, in both cases with latex-free bags
    • All bracelets are made of material washed and disinfected
    • In cardboard box.


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