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Lancing devices are essential for people with type 2 diabetes, to be able to take blood samples and check their glucose level.


These devices are reusable . What is not reusable is the lancet that penetrates the skin. To do so would open the door to infection, so lancets must always be sterile and for single use only.


The lancets Sterile ECBH are therefore an essential spare that every person with diabetes should always have at home:


  • They are compatible with the ECBH Lancing Device and other 30 g caliber devices.
  • They are easy to use , just twist the protective disk on the lancet to remove it, then insert the lancet into the device.
  • They are safe to dispose of : once you have used each lancet, you just have to leave the protective disk on a hard surface, and stick the tip into the disk. In this way we avoid risks when disposing of it.


Each box of sterile lancets contains 100 units , allowing each patient to have enough lancets for a long period of time.

ECBH Sterile Lancets



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