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There are many situations in which it is not possible or practical to carry the entire personal hygiene kit, with the sponge and the bath gel. Give a solution to these situations with an effective, fast, practical solution suitable for all skin types.


The Sponges Soapy ECBH will help with the more complicated hygienes:


  • The fabric forms a very soft, fine, rectangular sponge .
  • Simply moisten them with water and press so that the foam begins to form .
  • The soap incorporated in each sponge is gentle and respectful of the balance of the skin, which makes it suitable for children and adults.
  • The package contains 24 units


These soapy sponges are very practical to shower after sports or work activities that require physical effort, or to take on a trip anywhere.


They are also indicated for care use , facilitating the hygiene of the elderly, patients or people with reduced mobility.


Always have a pack of ECBH soapy sponges nearby and feel the pleasure and satisfaction of good personal hygiene in the most practical and simple way possible.

ECBH Soapy Sponges



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