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Our production centre in Spain carries out the manufacture of the prefabricated modules in a safe environment with defined spaces for each process that improve our worker safety. This is an advantage over the traditional construction system, where various trades meet in very small spaces for the construction of the spaces.


To satisfy the growing adoption of industrialised construction, our centre has been extended with a new 7000 m2 plant, thus doubling our production capacity and incorporating technological improvements in manufacturing. This will allow us to offer a product that combines the latest technology and human craftsmanship are perfectly combined.

Prefabricated Bathrooms

  • Turnkey prefabricated bathroom modules, which include all the components of the interior finish of a bathroom or kitchen with a structure made of concrete, metal or ultra-lightweight.

    The Cubic Concrete is a bathroom with a monolithic concrete structure where all the installations are integrated into the structure and the finishes inside the bathroom are completely customisable and adapted to your project.


    The Cubic Steel bath admits any type of geometry thanks to the components that form part of its structure (fibre-plaster plate, galvanised steel profiles and concrete floor).


    LENE is a bathroom with a marked innovative concept, whose main characteristics are lightness and the possibility of assembling at destination, allowing for a continuous evolution.