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In many jobs it is necessary to protect your hands with disposable gloves . In the food or chemical-pharmaceutical industry, or in the health sector, they are essential to guarantee the hygiene of processes and activities .


But what kind of disposable gloves to use? One of the best options is the Latex Glove with ECBH Powder :


  • Provides excellent protection against biological and chemical hazards.
  • It has an easy adjustment in both hands, thanks to the cornstarch powder that allows them to be put on and taken off easily.
  • Its adaptability , elasticity and resistance are excellent.
  • It stands out for offering maximum sensitivity . These gloves are the most recommended for sensitive handling jobs.


Each box contains 100 ambidextrous, non-sterile and single-use gloves, which will provide the safety and hygiene that workers need when handling food and chemicals , working with biological tests , or performing healthcare

ECBH Latex Glove with Powder



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