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For people suffering from type 2 diabetes , controlling their blood glucose level during the day is essential.


Patients with this type of diabetes do not make enough insulin to properly process sugar , causing it to rise in the blood. In the long term, this has very detrimental effects on health . But this rise in sugar is asymptomatic , so it is necessary to take small blood samples to check the level .


The ECBH Puncture Device is designed for taking blood samples in diabetics in the least invasive way possible:


  • Designed for a practical grip that facilitates puncture.
  • Its built-in cap is used to take capillary blood samples from the fingertips .
  • It has a second transparent cap to test glucose levels in LAP (Alternative Test Sites): palm of the hand, forearm or upper arm .
  • Both caps can be turned to regulate the penetration of the lancet to the desired depth.


It is a practical, fast, safe and effective device that, combined with the ECBH Blood Glucose Monitoring System, allows the blood sugar level to be controlled without overloading the fingertips with punctures.

ECBH Lancing Device for Blood Sampling in Diabetics



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