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Nature provides us with everything we need to care for our eyes, and we have concentrated it in wipes with an improved formula with which you can perform safe and effective eye hygiene.


The wipes Hygiene Ocular ECBH contain, among other components:


  • Calendula and Witch Hazel for hygiene and care of eyelids and eyelashes .
  • Hyaluronic acid , a substance that already exists in the eye naturally, and that provides hydration, viscosity and elasticity.


Its formula provides them with great softness and makes them suitable for cleaning the eyelids and eyes both in adults and in children, as they drag and remove blemishes and scales , taking care of hygiene and daily external eye care.


Each box contains 30 sterile single-dose wipes for children and adults that cannot be missing in your family medicine cabinet.


Give your eyes a restorative caress when they need it most!

ECBH Eye Hygiene Wipes



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