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Sometimes hearing protection is necessary. Protect them from noise, external agents, or especially from water, which can become stagnant in the ear canal and end up causing an infection.


Ear plugs are the right tool to avoid this, as long as they meet a series of requirements. Like ECBH Wax Ear Plugs , which:


  • They are made with a compound of wax and synthetic resins , an unalterable and hypoallergenic material .
  • They adapt perfectly to the ear canal, providing protection with maximum comfort .


You can use them when you practice swimming or other water sports, or simply at the beach or pool during your vacation to avoid otitis and infections .


Finally, thanks to their ability to isolate noise , they are an essential ally when you need silence to concentrate on work or study , or fall asleep .


Sometimes our ears need a defense and a rest. Give them to them with comfortable , adaptable and safe earplugs .

ECBH Ear Plugs - Wax



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