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Breathing does not end in the lungs . The oxygen that we inhale passes from them to the blood , and the red blood cells, thanks to hemoglobin, are responsible for carrying it to the cells so that it fulfills its ultimate function.


However, sometimes the blood cannot take in enough oxygen . It may be due to a low oxygen environment (eg high mountains) or lung disease. And in these cases, it is convenient to have a device such as the ECBH Digital Pulse Oximeter nearby :


  • It accurately measures the oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2) in real time , that is, the proportion of oxygen that the blood is carrying.
  • It also measures the heart rate .
  • It is very simple to use : you just have to place it on your finger, turn on the pulse oximeter, and stay still while the test is performed.


It is a device recommended for patients with lung diseases , such as COPD or asthma, among others. Athletes also need to keep these parameters under control, especially if they practice high mountain sports . And it is a good idea to have one in homes where older people or asthmatic children live . Both are susceptible to respiratory crises, and the pulse oximeter will provide data and peace of mind while consulting with the doctor.

ECBH Digital Pulse Oximeter



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