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The feet : that part of the body often neglected, and on which we nevertheless completely depend. The feet carry us everywhere, they carry all our weight on their shoulders. They deserve care . And if they are delicate feet , they not only deserve them: they need them.


There are people with very delicate foot skin , prone to blisters and irritations. Other people suffer from poor circulation or diabetes , complications that make the foot very sensitive.


For all of them we have designed the ECBH Diabetic Foot Sock :


  • Designed for daily use that takes care of the diabetic foot and those who suffer from poor circulation.
  • Treated with an innovative antimicrobial silver ion technology that prevents the growth of bacteria and reduces the possibility of infections throughout the area.
  • Made with elastic fabric with soft sections that exert slight compression in the appropriate areas to improve blood circulation , and reduce pressure on possible blisters or swelling.


If you regularly suffer from feet, or normal socks slip and irritate your skin, this ECBH sock guarantees maximum comfort. And for people at risk of developing foot sores that can become infected, it is the safest and most comfortable option .

ECBH Diabetic Foot Sock



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