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Sometimes your skin is crying out for water. And nothing like pure aloe vera to provide it for you.


Acofarderm body gel is a repairing gel  that contains 100% pure aloe vera  of the Aloe barbadensis type ,  which nourishes irritated and damaged skin  and, at the same time, provides a pleasant sensation of freshness.

The Acofarderm Aloe Vera Body Gel :


  • Provides deep hydration .
  • Stimulates cell regeneration
  • Provides freshness when your skin needs it most, and a global soothing effect .


It is a perfect gel to use on a daily basis, but when its potential shines the most is when your skin has been severely damaged: after sunbathing , after shaving or waxing , or even when you have had a small burn or suffer from a bite. .


Relief is quick. The feeling of well-being, lasting. Hydration, maximum. What are you waiting for to enjoy the properties of aloe vera?

ECBH DERM Body Gel Aloe Vera



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