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The wax our ears produce has a reason for being. It is the substance that protects the ear canal and eardrum from the aggression of external particles.


However, the production of that wax can be excessive, resulting in both an aesthetic and practical problem, as wax plugs can form. Available in formats of 100 units and 200 units.


Avoid this by incorporating ECBH Cotton Buds into your daily hygiene :


  • They have double cleaning heads with 100% hypoallergenic cotton.
  • The cotton weave is designed to capture as much wax as possible with gentle twisting movements.


You just have to be careful not to insert the swab into the inner ear canal . That would be too much and could have the opposite effect, pushing the wax all the way down. Also, it is not necessary: ​​with the gentle twist of the swab, the cotton can capture and remove the wax thanks to its adherent composition.


It's hygiene, it's aesthetic, and it's health: keep your ears clean with cotton buds!

ECBH Cotton Swabs



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