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When the heat hits, children love to dive on the beach and in the pool, and it is almost impossible to get them out of the water. It's time to pay special attention to your ears , as bacteria are more likely to grow if there is standing water in the ear canal.


The best way to prevent infections or other types of hearing discomfort is to use protective earplugs.


The ear plugs Children ECBH:


  • They adapt to the child's ear canal perfectly thanks to the rigid molded silicone .
  • They have a safety rope , so as not to lose them during the activity and facilitate their removal.


Put them on when you go swimming or playing in the water, and you will help prevent otitis and other irritations. They are also very useful for a safe hair wash , as well as to isolate them from noise .


It has never been so easy to protect the ears of the little ones from those painful otitis.

Enjoy the peace of mind of watching them play without worries!

ECBH Children's Ear Plugs



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