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Breastfeeding your baby with breast milk is not only recommended by all pediatric associations in the world: it is one of the most intimate and wonderful experiences in life.


But breastfeeding involves small leaks that can stain your clothes between feedings. That is why you need nursing pads that absorb these milk losses.


The ECBH Lactation Discs will be very useful during the first months of breastfeeding your baby:


  • They are made with 100% cotton , very soft and hypoallergenic to take care of such a sensitive area.
  • Its anatomical design adapts easily to the chest to provide maximum comfort .
  • They allow perspiration and maintain the hygiene of the nipple .
  • They have fixing adhesive so that they do not move



Using them is as simple as peeling off the adhesive protective paper and placing it on the chest. This way you will not only keep your clothes safe from those small leaks: you will also achieve a correct drying of the nipples , which will be protected against possible infections .

ECBH Breastfeeding Discs



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