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We don't want blood pressure scares. Too low or too high a tension implies health problems that must be controlled on a regular basis. And that is why it is so important to be able to take your blood pressure at home and keep a control that your doctor can interpret.


This is a simple task with the precision of the {brand_name} upper arm blood pressure monitor , but what if we have not got the cuff size right and it is too tight? Or if it breaks down for whatever reason? Do you need a new blood pressure monitor ?


The answer is no. The Arm Blood Pressure Cuff is enough {brand_name} :


  • It is available in medium (24-36 cm) and large (36-45 cm) sizes.
  • Does not contain latex .
  • The bladder is made of TPU for durability .
  • It is only compatible with the ECBH Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor .


Replace the old cuff with the new one, and check your blood pressure measurements again without discomfort.

ECBH Arm Tensiometer Cuff



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