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In healthcare, taking samples of body fluids and substances is a constant necessity. Urine , feces , sputum , semen : all these biological samples must be stored and transported in a safe and hygienic way for analysis.


The ECBH Spatula Container is the right system for this:


  • It has a capacity of 100 ml , enough for any type of biological sample.
  • The marks volumetric graduation every 20 ml indicate the total volume of the liquid sample.
  • The translucent body of the container allows easy identification of the type of sample inside.
  • The cap is easy to screw in and provides a highly secure hermetic closure .
  • The built-in spatula makes it easy to collect solid samples with its bowl-shaped head.


With this container you get a safe , hygienic safeguard and transport , without spills or contamination of the sample. And its easy handling makes it suitable not only for healthcare personnel, but also for patients who have to take the sample at the care center or at home.

Container with Spatula



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