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Is there anything finer, smoother, and silkier than a baby's hair? Boy or girl, they are always very cute in their street clothes and well groomed, but their scalp is very delicate in this first stage. You need to be able to comb them safely and without hurting them.


The ECBH baby Brush and Comb have been specifically designed for their little heads:


  • The comb has rounded tips that do not stick, thus preventing damage, scratching or discomfort.
  • The brush combs extremely gently , and at the same time performs a light massage that is very pleasant for the baby.
  • Both accessories are made from durable, non-toxic, and edge-free materials .


With babies, bath time should always be pleasant, just like going out for a walk. Making styling a positive experience may seem minor, but it means improving your adult-baby routine. And, as all parents know, any improvement in that routine is welcome.

Make him enjoy combing his hair with the ECBH baby Brush and Comb !

ECBH Brush and Comb



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