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What is the best way to clean a bottle? Often, mothers and fathers over-sterilize almost anything that passes through the hands of our babies. It is not really necessary in the case of bottles ... as long as they are properly cleaned with soap and water. Which is not always easy.


Bottles often have narrow mouths that make cleaning difficult, corners that are difficult to get to, and nipples where it is difficult to ensure that no milk remains.


That is why the ECBH Bottle and Teat Cleaning Brush is such a useful accessory in homes with a baby (or more than one!):


  • Its main body is designed with flexible nylon bristles and round sponge at its end, so that it can enter in c ny bottle and clean with ease and efficiency .
  • It includes a small brush ideal for cleaning the teats and removing milk residues up to the last fold. 


Use water and mild soap to clean, and once you finish, rinse with plenty of water, and drain the sponge well to prolong its conservation.

The ECBH baby Bottle and Teat Cleaning Brush will help you clean your bottles for as long as you need to use them.

Bottle and Teat Cleaning Brush