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All puppies learn by playing. Humans too. And for a baby, there is no better toy than a rattle. For a reason we have been manufacturing them since prehistory!


Fortunately, technology today offers us alternatives that our ancestors lacked. The ECBH baby Bell Rattle is made of high quality, durable, non-toxic, harmless plastic materials, without edges or anything that could harm the baby. And with him:


  • You help to develop the audiovisual capacity of the baby with its colors and the sound of the rattle.
  • You stimulate his tactile sensitivity as he explores every last inch of the rattle and its bell-shaped heads.
  • You enhance his motor coordination as he recognizes the movement that produces those curious sounds.


Choose between pink or blue, and let your baby grow, discover and learn in the best possible way: playing! 

Bell Rattle



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