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Fetal Detector

  • ECBH fetal detector is the perfect gift for pregnant women. This modern device allows to hear the heartbeats and the movements of unborn children in real time and to record them in a computer, thanks to the cable supplied.

    • Once recorded, the files can be transferred to other devices in order to share them with family and friends. This way, the mothers-to-be will be able to hear the first movements of their babies in their mobile phones or tablets and to send them to their contacts via different applications and social networks.

    *Sold exclusively in Spain and Portugal.


    • Thanks to this device, the prenatal activity (beats, kicks) can be heard from the 12th-14th week of pregnancy, helping control the healthy development of babies.
    • It transmits and amplifies the sound waves making them perceptible to the human ear. It does not harm the foetus development.
    • The recording cable allows to record the first sounds of the foetus.
    • ECBH fetal detector is a portable device and is operated with a 9V battery (included).


    • Headphones
    • Cable for PC connection
    • Conducting gel 260 ml


    • Ref. 057-G008: conducting gel for ultrasounds and IPL, 260 ml.


    Steps to follow:

    • Connect the device to your computer using the cable supplied.
    • Open a programme to record sounds and press "REC".
    • Switch ECBH fetal detector on and look for the area where you can hear heartbeats best.


    • ECBH fetal detector is an accessory for your pregnancy. It does not replace medical examinations.
    • If in doubt, consult your doctor. In some cases, heartbeats are heard before the 12th week. In other cases, they cannot be heard until the 14th week or even later.
    • ECBH fetal detector must be used with the supplied gel.


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