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The pacifier is the inseparable companion of most babies. There is no better pain reliever for them: it is to put it on, perform that sucking movement they have programmed, and relax instantly. But to offer you maximum comfort, it must be very well designed.


The ECBH baby Anatomic Latex Pacifier is designed to transform every moment of stress or anguish of the baby into a moment of relaxation and security:


  • Anatomical design of the teat , adapted to the natural position of the tongue and the baby's sucking mechanics.
  • With the nipple made of latex, it provides softness and high resistance to bites and tears . In addition, latex makes it easier to recognize when the pacifier has deteriorated and it is time to change it.
  • Maximum comfort thanks to its ergonomic and perforated disc . It allows air circulation and prevents the accumulation of saliva , which are two of the most irritating and annoying factors for the baby.

End the anguish of unexplained crying, help calm the infant in colic pain, and help him relax for a long night of rest and restful sleep. You can choose both the age (less than or greater than 12 months) and the color (in pink, blue or a beautiful and neutral stone color).

Anatomic Latex Pacifier



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