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ECBH is company focused on providing engineering solutions which client’s a dynamic meet needs in the mechanical, infrastructure, environmental engineering, and energy sectors. We have been delivering innovative solutions across Oil & Gas Services, Civil/Structural Engineering and Water & Environment services.



ECBH s history and expertise positions the company as the leading provider of international infrastructure and construction services. We will design solutions that will meet your exact needs.


ECBH undertakes medium and large scale mechanical construction and maintenance projects in various categories and has a proven record of executing the project as per contract requirement within the project timeline. Throughout the path, we have achieved several considerable construction and remodeling projects.


ECBH is a formidable team of Achievers with an overriding loyalty to their professions and total dedication to the goals and work philosophy and ethical culture of the company. Key human assets have no less than 25 years’ experience in the practicalities, realities and complexities of oil and its business in the Gulf with the added depth of proven academic excellence to their credit.


ECBH has a nucleus of highly skilled and qualified and efficient management, a well chosen wealth of Consultants, and a capable dynamic middle management, with proficient skills and a scarce back-up staff with diversified training in the relevant areas. This small – but highly effective – core of “Achievers” ensures competitiveness, while their recognized status in the relevant industries gives access to an infinite pool of remarkable diversified resources. This added advantage provides dynamism and flexibility with minimum overheads.

Partner Companies

Over the past few years since the establishment of the company, ECBH has successfully got into partners-ship with reputable Local & international business partners in different business fields that have resulted into developing local business ventures extending the services to the local Kuwait market.


Yet we are currently working on developing new business ventures and partnerships in preparation for the expected forthcoming projects over the next 10 years. Under the umbrella of this group Sector, currently three entities are in operation.



2T is a multinational oil and gas trading company present in Kuwait, works with our Globally located affiliated suppliers and Retainers.



KEG The maintenance procedures performed on an oil and gas well after the well has been completed and production from the reservoir has begun. Well service activities are generally conducted to maintain or enhance the well productivity, and coiled tubing applications are performed to assess for service activities.



ARGT’s business ranges from civil to mechanical and E&I works, they are considered our most important partner and our name is approved in their relevant category of approved contractors.

Our Clients

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A fresh Perspective

on Project Consulting.

Project Consulting in general encompasses a large scope of work across various industries, where offer the expertise on a project to their employer or clients to help them achieve their business goals.


Mainly projects can be operational, strategic, or technical in nature. Our field of expertise are experts in their chosen field, as people look for consultants who have proven success in their area of consultation.


Since this position is so broad, project consulting is a key process in any company.

Project Consulting Service

Sourcing and engagement with partner includes :


International & local Consultancy.







ECBH emphasis to assist the department/agency to achieve its objectives does not mean that the department/agency relinquishes its responsibility for successful completion of projects.


Effective management of consultants, evaluation and reporting of their work is essential.


At ECBH we believe ongoing client relationships are key to repeat business Process, risk and cost disciplines are dominant Primary business development activity

Our consultant tasks to include:


Providing expert advice on technical and professional matters.


Carrying out research projects, attitudinal surveys, feasibility studies and fact finding investigations where recommendations are made.


Providing advice in the development of policy and strategic planning issues to Complete the project on time.


Quality assurance.

Nature Of

Mechanical Services.

We at ECBH, are experienced at its core aspects with expertise in its major scope of areas such as Piping, Pipeline, Equipment erection and Storage Tank works.


We Expert at large flow line and piping work at various locations of oil and gas operations in Kuwait.


We are highly compliance with standards of Kuwait Oil Company (K.S.C), Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) and other international oil companies.


With our team of professionals and experts have a better understanding with interdisciplinary work performed through the various operation in the field.


Our work isn’t limited with Preliminary bases, we look forward with its supervisory maintenance and smooth working of different plants.


At ECBH, we scope for a better and sustainable future in the oil and gas industries and become a hub for the major company, dealing in the various operation and work in oil, gas and petroleum industries.

At ECBH we execute the following mechanical works:

Refineries & Petrochemical Plants.


Conveyor Belt System.


Oil Gathering Centers.


Gas Compression and Treatment Works.


Sea Water Intake Line.




Gas PCI.jpg
Steel Structure.


Fire Fighting Protection System.


Maintenance works.


Reactor Towers.


Power and desalination plant.




Sewage and water treatment.


Steam Generators.


Pipeline Works.


Electrical & Instrumentation

Our Electrical & Instrumentation Division is a versatile division, equipped with highly skilled manpower, energetic and experienced supervisory staff and good quality of equipment, precision tools and instruments.


We are involved in most of the industries including but not limited to Power, Water, Oil & Gas, Cement, Petrochemicals, Sky Scrapers, Resorts, Villas and many more.


With emphasis on the highest standards, ECBH has invested considerably in the Electrical & Instrumentation Works Division.


The services are molded with strong credentials, a well-established instrument lab, and the status of a general construction contractor to undertake projects from Planning to execution.

Our E&I Services:

The Division is resourceful enough with qualified and experienced manpower to undertake. All types of Electrical & Instrumentation Works:

  1. General electrical installations

  2. Design and Construction of 33 kV &11kV Substations

  3. Design and construction of Fire alarm systems

  4. Design, Supply, Installation of Lighting Control System & emergency lighting

  5. Design & Construction works of Security systems

  6. Design & Construction of Access Control Systems

  7. Design, Supply, Installation of Network Data & Telephone systems

  8. Design, Supply, and Installation of CCTV systems

  9. NICEIC Periodic testing, inspection and remedial works

Nature of Work:
  • Electrical

  • Erection

  • Instrumentation

  • Maintenance

Untitled design (9).png
Civil Engineering Service

If you are a construction company or a planning committee, our experts have many years of experience within the construction industry and are ready to work with you.

  1. Roadway Condition Inspections

  2. Pipeline Routing Inspections

  3. Bridge Inspections

  4. Transportation Management Plans

  5. General Consultation

  6. Design & Construction of Access Control Systems

  7. E&S Inspections and Corrective Actions

  8. Turnkey Construction Projects

  9. QA/QC Inspections

  10. Right of Way and Easement Plans and Documentation

  11. Utility Locations and Coordination

  12. Evaluation

  13. Materials Testing and Inspection

Civil Engineering

ECBH is a growing firm that offers various solutions to Clients Requirement. We offer our support in the planning phase, pre-construction and if encountered any unforeseen or unique problems that require a solution, our team is prepared to help. Though our Firm is young, but our experts have years of experience in Oil and Gas Field and other major construction work. We offer construction services to different companies that are in need of our services. At ECBH, we focus on providing high quality, safety and precise work to each of our clients. In addition, our team members are each uniquely qualified within their specific areas of interest that can range from project management to construction planning and problem solving.


Customers that we Work With:

We work with entities that are in the midst of a construction phase, in pre-construction or just in the initial planning. From planning to execution, we have the experience and knowledge to be an asset to the construction team. Listed below, you will find the values that drive our business.

Manpower Supply

At ECBH we have marked a distinct and dynamic position in the market by offering a high quality range

of Manpower Supply Service.


We render this service in different industrial sector as per the specific requirements of the client's.

In our team, we have dedicated technicians and workers, who can handle all possible operations in effective manner.


Apart from this, clients can avail this service from us

at market leading price within committed time span, Thanks to our unflinching commitment to the best interests of the businesses and job seekers.

Our Manpower Service:

We provide exclusive and qualified workforce forall sectors like, Oil and- Gas, Mechanical Construction, Civil Construction, Electrical, Marine & Ship, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Power and Desalination plant, Information Technology, Logistics, Real Estate, GeneralTrading.

  • Selection + Recruitment of Workers

  • Negotiating contract with agents from Host Country

  • Providing Orientation and Basic Training on Code of Conduct

  • Assisting Foreign Workers on Kuwait Laws and Insurance Claims

  • Renewal and Deportation Services; including handling all process involving injury, accident, death and repatriation of workers

  • Maintaining Records of Foreign Workers and Providing servic es to facilitate medical check-up, flight ticket, loading and placement of foreign workers

  • Assisting foreign workers to adapt to new working environmeant etc.

  • Renew of Foreign Workers, Work Permits and Passport

  • Documentation related to public authority for manpower

Our Equipment Services:

Equipment department comprised two main sections:

  • Operation

  • Leasing

The function of this departments is to provide support to our own projects as well as hire-out service to external clients. List of the provided equipments:

  • Loaders

  • Water Tankers

  • Bobcat

  • Trailers

  • Vaccum Tankers

  • Lowbed Trailers

  • Cranes (all sizes)

  • JCB


Equipment Supply

ECBH provides high quality plant and machinery equipment for hire with reliable services as per the client needs within the timeframe.


We provide the best of its kind services to our clients which has helped in gaining their trustworthiness.

Our highly qualified staff and experienced technicians will provide you a complete support for the timely completion of the projects.


At ECBH, we believe in integrating our projects with the local community, and bringing in experienced managers and trainers to ensure we are providing the best quality equipment operators wherever we go. We provide site supervisors, managers, maintenance technicians, and equipment operators


Inspection Services

To convert our aptitude into results, there is an inherent need to think different. Inspection Services Division autonomously carries out testing activities for refineries, oil field installations, power plants, petrochemical plants, state installations and other industry majors. Considerable investments have also gone into ultra-modern laboratories and sophisticated equipment’s, very much intrinsic to our uncompromising Testing & Inspection Services. It has extended the following scope of Services to fulfill the requirements in the relevant field.

Inspection Services
  • Non Destructive Testing(NDT).

  • Conventional NDT.

  • Advanced NDT (we ar agent for Worldwide known companies).

  • Coating and paintinginspection.

  • Under Water Inspection.

  • Lifting and Cranes Inspection.

  • Third Party Inspection.

  • Drilling Rigs Inspection.

Heat Treatment Services

Cathodic Protection Services

Storage Tank Services
  • Storage Tank Calibration &Inspection

  • Storage Tank Cleaning

Pipeline Pigging Services

Leak Sealing Services

Welder's qualifications & Certifications Services

Quality assurance & Quality Control (Qc) Services

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